Huntley Hills Elementary After School Program

Huntley Hills Elementary

A Great Option for After School Care

The Huntley Hills Elementary after school program is called Tiger Time. The program cost is about $60 per child each week. Further, enrollment is available on a first come basis. Additional children may be eligible for family discounts.  School is dismissed at 2:20pm,  and the children that participate in the after school program meet in the cafeteria by 2:30pm.

Initially, the children receive snacks, which are provided by the school. Once snack time is over, the children are instructed to complete their homework. Children receive about 45 minutes to complete their homework. This is very important so children can participate in the extra curricular activities that follow. Although specific time is allocated towards homework, it is ultimately each child’s responsibility to complete assignments. Parents are encouraged to check school work once children are picked up. All students must be picked up no later than 6:30pm.

Tiger Time offers an assortment of extra curricular activities that are rotated on a daily bases. These activities may include: Art, computers and recreational exercises.  Contact the school for the Huntley Hills after school program and click here for the Parent Letter and Registration Information. 

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